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My american market

Win a 40–euro gift basket of your favorite American treats!


Are you struggling to satisfy your cravings because you are:

-  Embarrassed to ask your family and friends for one more favor?

-  Fed up with products that melted or broke during the transatlantic trip?

-  Worn out from having to rush around Paris, search for parking spaces and drive in traffic?

-  Frustrated from having to wait until your next trip or someone’s visit?

-  Tired of bringing back heavy suitcases from your trip to the US?


Then, My American Market has been designed for you: it is a hassle-free online store for your American food and beverage staples.



My American Market’s best features:



One of the largest assortments of American food and treats

in stock and ready to be shipped.



Open 24/7, My American Market is there whenever the cravings get you!


Easy to order

My American Market online store is very user-friendly.

Find and order your favorite products in just a few clicks.


Fast Delivery

Your order will be processed within the next business day.

Your shipment will be securely packaged and sent via La Poste Colissimo.

In France, it will be delivered to your door within 2 business days.



My American Market uses a 128bit SSL encrypted checkout system.

You can choose to process your payment online, on the phone or by check.



Get connected with Europe's American community and friends.


Great customer service

The American way, period!




It is time you do something about your cravings!

Visit the online "épicerie américaine" today: www.MyAmericanMarket.com

and enter coupon code “BLOG21” to get a 10% discount on your order (shipping costs not included).




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